Buried in matter, hidden from our perception, lie harmony, complexity and beauty. MICROCOSMO wants to unveil the magic, the structural and chromatic beauty that light reveals to the human eye when we look at our world through the microscope.
The Dolomites are a macrocosm of immense beauty. It took Mother Nature 280 million years to create this magnificent work of art, that will never be finished and that is in continuous evolution.

The Dolomites are a microcosm of unprecedented beauty. In the microworld of the matter that makes up these mountains, lie unknown landscapes and works of art that the human eye cannot contemplate but that will surprise and enthral you once they are revealed.

The “Dolomite” project was born from the desire to reveal the hidden beauty of the “common rock” to all those who walk along the dolomitic trails; the rock that we trample and that is the building block of the mountain.